An Invitation to Play

Starship18 gives people a place to feel free, where, “You can do whatever you want.”

feel free 2 purpSPACE HERE

The birth of FLIGHT18, Spaceflight18 and Cosmicruise begins inside the mind, body and spirit of CAPTAIN WALLY, aka Eric Wallach a playwright and theatre director, who began creating FLIGHT18 in 2002.

plain planeWally made a pamphlet with artist Phil Ristaino. Here’s the front:

pamphlet cover

The Universe did the rest.


After years of searching for a venue Wally landed a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council that gave him months in a former Liz Claiborne retail store in South Street Seaport. What began as a plane quickly turned into a spaceship.

boarding_01_2 210 Front Street exteriorcockpit

“While FLIGHT18 is not a children’s show, it’s a great chance to find your inner child.” –



In 2012 the Spaceship Kaleidoscope was fully realized with advanced technologies that enabled it to traverse our solar system using an iPad as the steering wheel. Anyone, even a child, can fly the ship.

“A wonderfully eccentric and unique night … a mind-bending cosmic dimension … for those brave enough to step outside normal conventions and enter a fun, innovative and highly interactive experience.” –

f18_07-1Here’s our cruise director, poet Rachel Kann, “this is a birthday party
new years eve
divine temple
and all the best parts of sex”


Spaceflight18: Kaleidoscoping

In June of 2016 we lifted off from Governor’s Island without a ship! Later we launched from Grand Central Station and Times Square.

IMG_6453grand circleA conspiracy of stars have brought together extraordinary human beings to build and breathe life into the Spaceship Kaleidoscope.

Here are some of them:

figment play 2

Summer Minerva is a Brooklynite dancer who speaks three languages, plays clarinet  and is a practicing shaman.

Bryson Jenkins came to Earth on Christmas in Flint, Michigan, then lived in Rome and London until recently arriving to New York City to dance, play tenor sax and tumble.

Edwardo Brito is a beat boxing, break dancing, Spanish speaking, daredevil from Brooklyn.

Soraya Broukhim is a Living Theatre artistic associate, an actor, poet, dancer, professor & singer. Speaks five languages & runs a private practice as an Ayurvedic Healer.

Shoko Tamai arrived to Earth on Mount Fuji, Japan. Shoko graces stages around the world with exquisite ballet, body music and fire dance.

Rain Bermudez is the throbbing heart, a creative, flawless and incomparable djembe player from Guatemala now Brooklyn who has worked with Stevie Wonder, Oprah and … does it matter?

In the future we will send more people on intergalactic cruises. You can help make it happen.

Edwardo and passengers no heli