Welcome to The Future

Here are passengers in our main cabin as they surf the solar waves of the sun. Everyone is free to do as they wish. Never the same flight twice!

Responsive Theatre

check inThe Kaleidodrome experience is compassionate, honest and fun. From the ticket counter to the arrival back to Earth, each Cosmicruise explores the possibilities of human interaction.

What happens?

The audience becomes passengers aboard Starship18. After boarding and safety procedures we have a liftoff, then visit the moon and beyond. Passengers make their own adventure by setting the course and sometimes flying the ship! We go far out then come back home to Earth. There are special guests, musicians and DJs on every flight.

IMG_1881Here’s a bit of the matrix of music, sound and voices that get mixed into each Cosmicruise. Thank you #ableton

People Sourcing

Humans of Earth are the entertainment here. You can make a Video Postcard and send it to Earthlings or aliens.

Online video boothHere at our in-person and online 24/7 hub for humanity sharing the moment is easy and fun. 

free at lastOur goal is to open a space port on each continent so everyone can access outer space.


Can you feel free?

“This proved to be a wonderfully eccentric and unique night of theatre. Structured as, what I want to say, a nightclub/party/field trip/performance/poetry slam, I had a blast, made some cool new friends and learned how to let go and not be self-conscious … I came alone, yet never felt alone.”   – nytheatre.com

feel free 2 purp