infinite loveINFINITE THANK YOUS to our Inner Circle Members who continue to believe in the dream.

Lyn and Ralph Haber

Ann Reifman and Elliot Blum

Anita Durst and chashama

Benjamin Wallach

Steve Durst, International Lunar Observatory Association

Diane Donile and Mary Wallach

Douglas Durst


Guy Slattery and Fionnuala Conway


Russell and Stephanie Wallach

Cheri Anderson

Alexander Gorlizki and Joy Ferguson

Dann Fink


Spaceflight18 is dedicated to the living spirit of Dr. Elliot Blum who lives in every big hug and act of generosity. He believed in the unseen force of the Universe and relished cigars and backgammon, rumination and a good joke.  He armed himself with gratitude and made people feel lighter with his warm way of listening.  His participation in Spaceflght18 was enthusiastic and delightful.  We will continue on to the farthest reaches in his name.


Reach out to Captain Wally if you would like to join the support group for this astronomical endeavor by writing