The Universe is Conspiring to Connect You With Outer Space. Welcome Aboard the Starship Kaleidoscope.

If you have the aptitude and attitude for altitude then please contact Captain Wally Bruce at

The Starship Kaleidoscope launches again in 2018. Auditions will be the last week of March. Once a week rehearsals go from April through June. More rehearsals in September. In October we will travel to the farthest corners of the galaxy.

Welcome to Spaceflight18. We have provided Earthbound space travel since 2010. Over two thousand passengers have taken the cosmic joyride so far.

June 2017 we added more flights to our astral travel history with The Kaleidopod! Check it out.

Spaceflight18’s Kaleidopod set a world record with 21 launches in under seven hours.

Enjoy the cosmic joyrides.

Shoko, Edwardo, Summer and Captain Wally took passengers for jaunts into higher dimensions from our 12×13′ Kaleidopod.

Marvels never cease.

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Here’s a video that features 2012’s

FLIGHT18: The Cosmic Joyride.

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